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UNISON’s NJC Committee met on Friday 5 June, to consider feedback from regions and decide on next steps in the NJC pay negotiation process.
Despite the recommendation of their negotiators, the Local Government Association have made it clear that they will not approach the UK Government to request any further money
for local government pay. So the final offer is:

 A 2.75% pay increase
 A one day increase in the Green Book minimum level of annual leave
 Joint work on mental health

The Committee agreed that the negotiations had gone as far as they could, and that we should now move to formally consult members on whether they wish to accept or reject the pay
offer. The Committee recognised the difficulties of communicating and engaging with members at this time, but decided that we should not delay consulting, although it was
agreed that we should have a longer consultation period. The consultation will begin in the week of 22 June from branches.
The NJC Committee had a long and detailed discussion about a recommendation on how members should vote in the consultation, which reflected the varied views of branches
and regions. The Committee were clear that the offer falls well short of what members need and deserve but decided the final offer was the best that could be achieved by negotiation.

The differing views of committee members, branches and regions, led the committee not to make a recommendation that members should either accept or reject the
pay offer. The Committee will be making clear that if members wish to reject the offer, they need to be prepared to take industrial action in order to achieve any increase in the offer.

PiU will consider if it wants to make a recommendation at a meeting next week.