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UNISON has submitted a flat rate claim of £2000 for all staff this year or a % equivalent to RPI if that is higher. An offer is expected at the end of the month

(about 8 weeks after it was submitted before employers start blaming unions for the delay)

The NJC Committee met on Friday and discussed NJC pay 2022. An update was provided on the campaign, and on preparations for the member consultation stage and any potential industrial action ballot.

A pay offer is expected in late July, soon after the Employers’ Side meet on 25th July but the indications are it will not reflect the very real problems we have keeping up with the cost of living

The Committee agreed that if the offer made is not one it could recommend that members accept, they want to move straight to an industrial action ballot as a matter of urgency, rather than first launching a consultation of members. The Committee also agreed that the ballot would be disaggregated, i.e. a separate ballot for each employer.

We will be making a formal request to the Industrial Action Committee to allow us to move straight to an industrial action ballot, and we have sought an amended industrial action timetable. We are also looking into what other processes need to be completed in the light of this decision.

Locally UNISON is pushing for a review of the Plymouth book to address other issues like mileage rates