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Local campaigning work by UNISON workplace representative and social worker Jaime Bannerman has helped put a stop to the Health and Care Professions Council imposing a massive 18% fee hike on health staff.  Jaime writes:

As a new UNISON Representative I was overwhelmed with the support of UNISON members, non-members, other Unions and Luke Pollard MP for Plymouth while organising a local campaign fighting against the proposed 18% fee increase imposed by the HCPC. The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) is a statutory regulator of over 280,000 professionals from 15 health and care professions in the UK, including occupational therapists, operating department practitioners and (until 1 December 2019) social workers.  If these professionals do not pay their fees they cannot practice their profession.

I was informed by many that this fight could not be won and the unjustified increase would happen regardless! I alone could not have made a difference however we as a collective stood up against this suppression and advocated for this to be reconsidered. I personally would like to show thanks to everyone who wrote to their MP’s and stood alongside me and their colleagues at the rally held at Mount Gould on the 17th of May 2019. We did win this fight! This is proof that your voice counts and as a collective we can achieve what many people will tell you can’t be done.

One of the reasons Jamie’s campaign was successful was that it was part of a national UNISON campaign. See below for further details

We’ve stopped the Health and Care Professions Council 18% fees hike!