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UHP Trust have started sending letters out to staff in relation to their COVID-19 vaccination status.
You might not be aware but there is new legislation regarding mandatory vaccinations.
UNISON reps and Health and Safety reps will be available to help advise and support our members during this anxious time.
Bellow are the links from NHS England/Improvement regarding Phase 1 and Phase 2 to this email for your information.
We are helping to support a few people already and regardless of different personal views on the vaccine, we will try to support any and all affected members.
There are a few exemptions to mandatory vaccinations, however the criteria is very strict. These are covered in the guidance’s for Phase 1 and 2.
We share the most up-to-date information available as we get it and make sure our members are receiving all the support available to them.
English might not all member’s first language and we will do our best help to understand the guidance, as well as other members who might not understand the full impact of this new legislation.
There is also evidence of vaccination hesitancy in black and other minority groups, also in poorer income households.
This is UNISON’s stance on the issue:

What is UNISON’s stance on vaccines?

UNISON supports vaccination in health and social care. The vaccine is safe, and we encourage all members who do not have a medical exemption to get their jab. But vaccination should be your decision and the UK government should promote persuasion and reassurance. We have made arguments that this will result in people leaving health and care jobs, putting pressure on already stretched services. UNISON remains extremely concerned about the impact that the VCOD policy will have on numbers of staff leaving the NHS.

We have raised, and continue to raise, these concerns with policy makers and politicians. There is even now work being done on who is in scope.


More detailed advice for reps. https://www.unison.org.uk/news/article/2022/01/vaccination-as-a-condition-of-deployment-vcod-in-england-unison-branch-advice/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Health%20News%2019%20January%202022&utm_source=Health%20Care&utm_content=Find%20out%20more