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Proposals to axe all the MTA positions and reduce the TA posts as well as cutting their lunch hours have been met with anger by UNISON members

UNISON are consulting with Reach MAT to moderate the proposals but don’t rule out a fight.

These cuts are clearly the product of year on year cuts to school budgets as well as falling rolls linked to demographic changes and the opening of a new school at Sherford; but local MP Gary Streeter chose to take aim at the staff and blame them for poor SATs scores. Below is our reply to his article on the Plymstock & South Hams News

Dear Editor

I was interested to read Gary Streeter MP’s assessment of the situation in Goosewell Primary last week. The article appears to almost entirely gloss over the threat of substantial redundancies at this school and the culpability of his government for the situation of underfunding of education we find ourselves in.

I wish the new head well in his bid to improve results, but the inference that staff there are to blame for falling numbers is insulting to the hard-working members we have there. There is nothing temporary about these changes, and in fact it is a pattern we are seeing across many Plymouth schools of staff cuts. Now wonder results suffer when schools have lost so much funding in recent years.

Plymouth schools have lost an average of £101 per pupil since 2015 and Goosewell despite its falling rolls have above average class sizes and below average funding. When we sort that out they really can be on the up Mr Streeter

Yours Faithfully

Kevin Treweeks, Branch Secretary Plymouth in UNISON