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UNISON members at Clarion Housing Assoc.

Thanks to all of you who responded to our pay survey. We have now submitted a pay claim to Clarion, which I attach. We have asked to begin negotiations as soon as possible with the hope of achieving quick agreement to put to you for your decision on whether to accept.

Our pay claim for 2022 has several elements.

  1. Backdated increases in respect of 2020 and 2021 as pay was held down by the employer in those years, in anticipation of COVID impacts that never materialised. It is right that resources should now be released to pay to reward staff for their outstanding efforts to ensure that Clarion emerged so strong from COVID. The sums sought are far smaller than the percentage increases paid to both Chief Executive (16% over two years) and Chair (40% over two years) over the last two years recorded in Annual Reports.
  2. A claim for 7% for all workers within the bargaining unit for 2022, which would enable Clarion to respond effectively to the rapidly worsening recruitment and retention crisis by showing existing staff that loyalty is rewarded and raises pay levels to be sufficient to attract talented new staff to fill vacancies. The claim reflects a reasonable expectation of the level RPI inflation may reach by April 2022, and responds to the rapid rise in wages in recent months in sectors competing with Clarion for labour, including construction.
  3. A review of pension provision to assess whether current contribution rates are sufficient to enable Clarion workers to enjoy dignity in retirement.
  4. Homeworking subsistence payments of £6 per week for all workers required to bear the costs of running an office in their own homes, as a consequences of economies made by the employer in the provision of workspace. Leading housing associations are recognising the need for such payments.
  5. Accreditation as a living wage foundation employer, ensuring that all Clarion employees and all employees of contractors providing services to Clarion receive the minimum required for a decent life. Clarion is a powerful economic actor in the areas in which it operates and can do more to ensure general economic improvement through using its power as a buyer of labour and services for good.

Please do forward this to colleagues whether members or not.

Andrew Dobbie
National Officer, Community