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Members should have recieved a communication on the current position and advice regarding Livewell’s commencement of the Hybrid working model consultation.

Plymouth in UNISON would like to communicate a number of elements that will affect staff members in the long term and we would like to bring a few points to your attention when considering the proposal:

  • Included in the consultation, is a clause where individual staff members can bypass the consultation period and complete change forms with their managers. Plymouth in UNISON does not encourage any member to complete change forms prior to the completion of a full consultation and the production of an agreeable proposal for all parties.
  • If members complete a change form with management prior to the end of a meaningful consultation, you will be waiving your custom and practice that comes with your contract of employment.
  • Please note, there has not been exhaustive reports provided or included in the proposal around the positives and negatives for both the organisation and staff members, including what a support package would look like for staff members. Plymouth in UNISON feel it is likely there are hidden costs that will impact staff members.
  • There is no clarification provided about which buildings Livewell wish to end their contracts with, therefore, your office space pre-COVID could change/be removed permanently in the long term.
  • Please keep in mind, working and service patterns are mentioned within the proposal.


We would like to draw your attention to the draft checklist 15/07/20 (see attached) that may significantly impact members:

  • Manager and colleague discuss care for dependants and childcare within working hours. Colleague to demonstrate plans in place for dependants and childcare by someone other than the employee and how uninterrupted work can take place.
  • Personal phone expenses for business calls.
  • Colleague to check all legal and contractual implications that may arise from home working…Home insurer informed? Mortgage, rental agreement checked? Check for any legal covenants/ restrictions on deeds and lease agreements? Mortgage provider/ landlord informed? Local Council informed re: council Tax?”
  • Review of lone working Policy/ review of personal safety.
  • Colleague agrees to bring equipment to a LSW site and for it to be PAT testing prior to expiry.
  • Agree arrangements to return to on-site working (e.g. unexpected illness or absence of an on-site colleague, declaration of a major incident)
  • Manager and employee to agree where they will work when on site, including hot desking.
  • Manager and colleague to agree any arrangements for claiming expenses, what can be claimed and how, (use of personal mobile) Review  Travel and subsistence  policy. This is yet to be defined through the consultation process
  • Colleague to ensure all IT/ data protection and GDPR e-learning maintained and remains up to date.
  • Compliance with all Livewell Southwest policies: Refresh on Information Governance, IT security, storing and sharing of electronic and paper records, portable IT equipment etc.
  • Manager to put arrangements and agreement in writing. This will be via a change form.

We encourage all members to engage in the consultation sessions emailed out by COMMS, please be aware you can seek advice from a Livewell Plymouth in UNISON rep by contacting the office on  (office@plymouthinunison.org.uk

UNISON are to hold two engagement sessions on MSTeams around the concerns you may have in respect of these matters:

Thursday – 6th August at 17:30 – 18:30 Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Thursday – 13 August 2020 11:00-12:00 Join Microsoft Teams Meeting