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School CutsYesterday, Education Secretary Justine Greening announced school funding plans for the next two years. She failed every single school funding test set for her.

She wants the country to think her new funding formula has solved the budget shortfall. But crunching the numbers to see how it breaks down school by school. It doesn’t look good.

Make sure this doesn’t drop off the agenda – sign up to meet your MP during our Mass Lobby Against School Cuts.

Check schoolcuts.org.uk for updates in the coming days so you can see for yourself what this will mean for your school.

Before the announcement, schools anti-cuts campaigners set five simple tests for school funding but Justine Greening’s plan fails every single one of them:

  1. No school should face cuts: Under Justine Greening’s plan, 90% of schools  still lose out in real terms.
  2. New money was required: The Chancellor has refused to release any more funding for schools.
  3. Fund all ages and needs properly. There is no attempt to bridge the funding gap for early years or post-16 children.
  4. Commit to a budget over five years: Headteachers still have no idea how much money they’ll have in their budgets in 2020.
  5. Address historic underfunding with a fair funding formula. Schools in places that’ve been left behind for years (like Plymouth) aren’t getting anywhere near enough.

Justine Greening’s plan is simply not good enough.

Let MPs know that we’re still watching and expect a proper funding settlement for schools.

Parents, teachers and support staff are united in this but Justine Greening thinks she can pull the wool over our eyes. Well she can’t. Because these aren’t just numbers to us. These numbers mean something in every school, in every classroom. We see the effect of cuts when teachers have to buy books for the classroom themselves or go without. When headteachers are forced to beg parents for donations for the bare essentials. When support staff are issued with redundancy notices

It’s not good enough and it has to change. How much more can schools take?

Join me in Parliament on 24th October to lobby your MP.

Let’s send our message loud and clear.