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UNISON members made their feelings very clear at a special conference last year that our current two year pay deal simply wasn’t good enough. We were unable to re-open those negotiations for 2017 so the need to kick off our pay campaign for 2018 is more pressing than ever

The ongoing decline in our members’ pay is worse than for any other workforce in the public sector. Pay is lower compared to other public sector groups throughout the NJC pay spine and there is immense pressure on our members with ever increasing workloads, deteriorating terms and conditions and persistent job insecurity. Years of pay restraint has done nothing to stop the jobs massacre in council offices or the advance of privatisation. Employment in local government has fallen by over three quarters of a million since June 2010. It’s time we got what we deserved

To fund any rise we will need an end to the unprecedented year on year cuts in local government and schools funding. If there is no change of government then only the pressure of action by us will challenge this.

We also need to address the compression of pay spines at the bottom of the scale to deliver the Foundation Living Wage for all members whilst restoring the differentials that job evaluation requires.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Committee is proposing the following claim for 2018/19:
5% increase on all NJC pay points and deletion of NJC pay points scp 6-9. 

The 5% increase on all NJC pay points is to reflect inflation and provide some catch-up on lost earnings. The deletion of pay points 6-9 after the 5% increase has been applied to ensure that no NJC pay points fall below the Foundation Living Wage rate of £8.45 per hour.

What are your views? Tell us here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/swlgpayclaim17

RPI is at 3.2% and CPI at 2.3%. With RPI to average 3.5% over 2017 and remain over 3% to 2021 is this ambitious enough?  Do we need another full job evaluation exercise?  Should we revise the Green book to standardise mileage, overtime and other benefits across the country? (In Plymouth we have an inferior local agreement in the Plymouth Book that varies parts of it) Or would that simply complicate the deal?

Plymouth in UNISON will be holding a branch meeting at the Guildhall for you to share your views on 23rd May at 4-6pm. Please come and start the debate, or if you are unable to make it use the survey tool https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/swlgpayclaim17 by 25th May.

Don’t forget that this pay deal will include Academies and some other employers whose pay is tied to the local government settlement.

Read more at the UNISON South West website

Local government pay claim consultation 2017