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As public servants we do the bidding of whatever government or local authority is in power (not without having our say obviously but we do it) And as a branch we will always engage in politics in the interests of our members. But some Plymouth in UNISON members are going a step further this year and standing for public office.

Budshead Councillor and Education portfolio holder Jon Taylor is up for re-election in Plymouth this year

If you want to support his campaign you can contact him via his FB page https://www.facebook.com/jon2aylor/?__xts__[0]=68.ARDs2aXVgm9pJMxB8sqAJWGvjAszy9W1b7fjJO2HjRZo3YNL9IGRjY1YKmB71AANnFrJHT5hhzPOwWvjJ8iRZh2PzditaKHm6xUQv2QaG1FxU8YJAh0GJ8Kl2LukY9XJ-GMad8HE6KPeJiqwezFsaS0UKnzKVaWHUbEUGMUUI3i5rF63ML_Y0kbu4nM4DN69s93FlIGYj3OVORRlYrPef5ZGQjMMwnbiqIbAefJ6903kWBxnXW43YjpPLg8EYcg9wzxH7k2E64S0OvsJFJT6y91MtqM

Over in West Devon Derriford Hospital Worker Mike Sparling is standing for Tavistock in the Devon County Council elections https://devon.laboursites.org/mike-sparling/

Across the river in Cornwall anther Derriford member Louis Sanderson is standing to represent Torpoint https://www.facebook.com/LouisJSanderson/?__xts__[0]=68.ARAY0FGhpR1JRmqHUDlq1ii37uHS_6Knh5LfIOgWkgZCasVOdkZJcDTUGYAgvwfwh7KMykBb94FiaW6d9RtFPgZSDf2z-up1G_YxT7acvaSPbaRkUce8DbqWnPs42qEIskqpT31wpcUe9bK3K0uFMrCZhWNTHEt0e_ZBpPlkbCqeKI3EqRqc8g

Good luck to all 3 of them

Don’t let covid19 related worries about queues at the polling stations and dirty pencils stop you having your say. You can still sign up for a postal vote