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Disturbing news this week that the far right are trying to set up yet another Trojan horse party “For Britain” with a Plymouth Branch imaginatively named “For Plymouth”

In spite of the name it isn’t really for Plymouth – it’s a far-right racist organisation seeking to divide the people of Plymouth and create suspicion and hatred towards Muslims in particular and immigrants generally.

For Britain was founded recently by Anne Marie Waters after she failed to win the leadership of UKIP. Waters was considered an extreme racist by many members of UKIP, with some expressing fears that they would become a “UK Nazi party” under her leadership and all their MEPs threatening to resign if she were to win. She also previously attempted to create a UK branch of the German anti-immigrant Pegida street movement.

During her UKIP leadership campaign she received support from former BNP member Jack Buckby, who has now also joined For Britain. Buckby stood against Labour in the 2016 Bately and Spen by-election, which the other parties abstained from as the by-election had been prompted by the murder of MP Jo Cox by a far-right terrorist. He has extensive links with the so-called “alt-right” and is a self-described “Western chauvinist”.

For Britain has also received an endorsement from former EDL leader and convicted racist thug Steven Yaxley-Lennon (“Tommy Robinson”); he is shown in a video on the “For Plymouth” website.

These strong links to far-right figures put the lie to For Britain’s attempts to hide behind “anti-extremist” rhetoric and attempts to define themselves as “centrists”. They are extremists, seeking to divide us along religious lines and whip up hatred. They don’t give a damn about female genital mutilation of exploitation of migrant workers.

In fact, Waters has stated a desire to end the Human Rights Act to “clearly and unapologetically place the rights of British citizens above those of non-British citizens”, and wants the repeal of hate-crime laws. Both the “For Britain” and “For Plymouth” websites are full of Islamophobic fear-mongering, and the racism is even clearer on the For Britain Facebook page, where a post from 16th January worries that “our white race” might be “wiped out” by immigration.

We must be clear that these views will not be made welcome in Plymouth. We will not let racists divide us.

If you hear about a meeting of this odious bunch let the venue know who they really are and suggest they reconsider. If they do manage to meet join in any peaceful protest that might be organised by such groups as Stand Up to Racism and Hope Not Hate that UNISON proudly supports