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Please find attached the employers’ NJC pay offer for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, which they say is a final offer. The key points are:

–          It’s a one year offer, payable from 1 April 2022, for £1925 on all pay points

–          4.04% on all allowances

–          Deletion of SCP1 from 1 April 2023. This is without prejudice to future negotiations regarding next year

–          Increase of one day in annual leave for all staff from 1 April 2023

–          No increase in NJC mileage rate, but writing to HMRC to lobby them to increase their rates

–          Agreement to continue term time work, discuss family leave and pay discussions, and discuss homeworking policy

–          Rejection of covid payment, homeworking allowance, reduction in the working week

The headline offer is worth 10.5% at the bottom end of the pay spine – the offer letter has a full breakdown of what it means for each spinal column point.

Emps to NJC TUs pay offer 25Jul22


NJC (The national Committee dealing with pay and conditions matters) met to discuss this on Friday 29th July

The Committee voted to hold a formal consultation of members before moving to a potential industrial action ballot should they reject. The Committee then had a debate on what its recommendation should be, and the outcome was that the consultation will be neutral – we will explain clearly the pros and cons of the offer, but won’t make an accept or reject recommendation.

We intend to launch the consultation in the week of 15-19 August, with a closing date of 19 September. This is to fulfil the Committee’s desire to get things moving as soon as possible, while ensuring that members in schools have time to be properly consulted. New members joining up to 13th Sept should be able to take part.

Thanks to those members of this branch that fed back views and took part in the straw poll we sent out. Your views were represented by your regional NJC reps Kevin Treweeks & Amanda Brown. The indication was very strong that members would be inclined to accept the offer and that was the general if not universal view of branches in the region. Some other regions are less convinced and there is a concern that the shock of not being offered 2% has made this offer feel better than it is. Hence the decision to give all members the opportunity to have their say and the time to consider the implications.

Please respond when you get the email, whichever way it goes we want that to be the true feelings of the membership, and the only way that happens is if you express those feelings