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UNISON’s NJC Committee, the union’s national committee for local government pay across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, met this morning to consider the Employers’ 1.5% pay offer. The Committee strongly agreed to reject the offer. In the context of our claim for a 10% pay increase, the offer of 1.5% is insulting, and shows blatant disregard for the hard work and sacrifices made by local government workers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, providing essential services and keeping our communities safe and well.

UNISON is calling on the local government employers to enter urgent negotiations so that this offer can be improved. UNISON members are also deeply frustrated at the long delay in resolving term time working issues for school support staff and others, and we are seeking reassurances that this work will be prioritised.

At the same time, UNISON is clear that more funding is needed from central government to ensure that local authorities and schools can continue to provide the full range of services and pay staff properly. UNISON is calling on the National Employers and local authorities to work with us to lobby for more resources for local government.


All the latest news, campaign ideas and resources from the local government NJC 2021 pay campaign.
1.5% pay offer
On 14 May the NJC Employers responded to the trade unions’ pay claim, with a pay offer of 1.5%, along with completion of the outstanding work of the joint term-time only
review group.
The Employers also responded to various elements of the unions’ conditions claim. They proposed exploratory discussions on a national minimum agreement on homeworking
policies, a best practice national programme on mental health, and a joint review of maternity, paternity, shared parental and adoption provisions.
The Employers made no offer on a homeworking allowance, working hours or annual leave.
The three unions issued a press release, making clear that after a year in which local government staff showed more than ever how indispensable they are to our
communities, going beyond the call of duty and risking their lives to provide services, this offer came as a shock, and it would be surprising if it went down well with our members.
Read the joint trade union press release here:
UNISON’s NJC Committee meets this week, on Friday 21 May, to decide on UNISON’s formal response as well as our next steps for the negotiations and the campaign.
Campaign posters now available
A range of posters have been produced – some are aimed more at members and potential members, while others are for the public to use, to thank council and school
workers and support the pay claim. They are all available at our new poster site, where you can order printed copies or download digital versions:
The posters can also be found in our media library alongside a range of other downloadable graphics: https://medialibrary.unison.org.uk/?c=392&k=c8607f325c
Key campaign messages
A ‘key messages’ document has been produced, bringing together arguments, statistics and human examples which should help you promote our campaign and explain why
members deserve a decent pay increase.
This should be a helpful resource for your local campaigning. For example why not take elements from it and use them to write a letter to the local newspaper? Or use the
arguments to help you recruit non-members and get them involved in the campaign.
The key messages document can be accessed here:

Local Service Champions
We recently launched videos about the winner and runner-up of UNISON’s Local Service Champions awards. Jenny Evans, the winner, and Carol Sinclair, the runner-up, are
superb examples of the vital work that all local government workers do every day.
Click on the links below to watch the videos. We are using them on social media to make clear that local government workers need and deserve a decent pay increase. Please
watch and share them!
Jenny Evans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkDSY-8LeTI
Carol Sinclair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9yAdGHmGOE
Get politicians to back our campaign
Thanks for all of your hard work so far, getting councils to debate our model motion in support of our pay claim, and using the ‘email your councillor’ tool. We need to make
clear to councils that our members urgently need a pay increase, and we need their support in pushing for more funding from central government. There is still time to get
councils and councillors on board!
The joint trade union side model council motion on NJC pay is available here:
Please feed back their views to your region using the attached template form.
The ‘email your councillor’ tool is here – Please make sure members are aware of it.
How much has your employer budgeted for pay?
As the pay negotiations and campaign progress, it will be really helpful to know how much your local authorities and schools have budgeted for pay increases for 2021/22.
We know that some employers decide unilaterally to budget very little, and then use this as justification for pressing the National Employers for a low pay offer, while we know
that other employers budget for more. We need to avoid a situation where we end up with the lowest common denominator. So if you can find out what your council or school
has budgeted for pay, please do so, and let us know by emailing

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Make sure you ask non-members to join UNISON and our campaign.
Share your campaign ideas with us at njcpay2021@unison.co.uk
Campaign materials
Campaign leaflet: https://shop.unison.site/product/njc-pay-leaflet-2021/
Schools leaflet: https://shop.unison.site/product/njc-pay-schools-leaflet/
Campaign poster site: https://shop.unison.site/product-category/council-and-schools-pay/
‘Fair Pay for council and school workers’ graphics: https://medialibrary.unison.org.uk/pages/search.php?search=%21collection392&k=5edacb4292
Latest news and campaign resources: www.unison.org.uk/LGfairpay
Model motion for councils: https://www.unison.org.uk/content/uploads/2021/02/councilmotion-in-support-of-2021-pay-campaign.docx
Form to feed back on your contact with councils:https://www.unison.org.uk/content/uploads/2021/02/council-contact-feedback-form2021.xlsx
‘Email your councillor’ tool: https://action.unison.org.uk/page/47685/action/1
Pay campaign Powerpoint presentation:https://www.unison.org.uk/content/uploads/2021/02/NJC-Fair-Pay-Now-2021-Presentation.pptx
Webinar recording: https://youtu.be/f5JGMuT7JTU
Short infographic video on Twitter:https://twitter.com/UNISONinLG/status/1365346416172875777?s=20
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