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Social care workers in England, irrespective of where they work, no longer face a legal requirement to be vaccinated.

If social care employers persist with forcing members to be vaccinated, please seek legal advice through the branch.

Back in November 2021 the Westminster Government passed a law requiring anyone working in a care home, including people who visited them for work purposes, to be
vaccinated for COVID-19. They also declared an intention to extend this requirement to the rest of the health and social care sector.
However, the Government has now significantly changed their position. They recently revoked the regulations for the requirement of mandatory vaccinations in care home
settings. They have also abandoned their plans to extend the requirement to be vaccinated across the rest of the care sector.
This means that there is now no legal requirement for any social care workers in England (irrespective of setting) to be vaccinated.
As was the case before mandatory vaccination, social care employers can take a decision to make vaccination a condition of employment as a matter of company policy, but they
would now be taking a much greater risk in doing so. If you come across any instances of employers doing this our legal advice emphasises that individual circumstances and
actions taken by the employer are crucial to making an assessment. Guidance on this matter has been issued to UNISON regions.

On a separate note, we have also been alerted to examples of employers and commissioners saying that staff who are Covid positive can come into work. Wherever this
happens it must be strongly opposed as was the case in Somerset recently:
If you have any questions, then please contact us