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For seven years, Livewell Southwest workers and their public sector counterparts have not had one pay rise to keep up with the costs of living.

The cumulative effect since 2010 is that many Livewell Southwest staff are tens of thousands of pounds worse off.

The pay cap means a huge shift of resources away from working people in the public sector and Livewell Southwest.

Since 2010, Livewell Southwest workers along with most public sector workers either received no increase at all or saw their pay rise by just 1%.  Meanwhile prices have gone up by around 20% since 2010.  Had wages risen in line with RPI inflation since 2010, pay levels this year would be nearly £2,000 higher for a Site Assistants/porters ; £3,700 higher for social workers; and over £4,000 higher for nurses.

During  this time Livewell Southwest’s combined Directors remuneration has risen form £298,453* in 2012 to  £620,745 in 2016*. The highest paid director received £74,385 in 2012 rising to £141,312 in 2016

We need to get rid of the pay cap and we need to ensure that Livewell Southwest and all public sector employers have the funding they need to give all staff a pay rise and to begin to restore what staff have lost during this decade of austerity.

According to companies house , Livewell southwest awards their directors the following salary

Compare and contrast with the pay of the average health worker 
             Number of directors                                             total amount         highest paid
             (Including Part time non executives)
2012        10                                                                            £298,453                £ 74.385
2013        10                                                                            £490,368                £114,510
2014        9                                                                              £532,960                £117,226
2015        9                                                                              £ 606,533              £122,730
2016        9                                                                              £620,745                £141.312
 *We’re sorry; It has come to our attention that one of the reasons for the large disparity between wage rates in 2012 and subsequent years is that 2012 was not a full year being the year that Livewell was founded. Plymouth in UNISON had no intention of spreading false news