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The UNISON NJC Committee met on Tuesday 30 April 2019 to discuss the contents of the NJC pay claim for 2020/21, having taken soundings from Regional Local Government
Committees, who were asked to discuss the content of the claim in order to inform this consultation.
In considering the proposed claim for 2020/21, the NJC Committee was mindful of the context:
 The move to the new NJC pay spine and the importance of not unravelling the 2% incremental differences newly established
 The minimum NJC scp hourly rate is now the same as the Foundation Living Wage (FLW) hourly rate
 The FLW forms a stepping stone towards UNISON’s wider goal of achieving minimum pay rates of £10 an hour across the UK
The Committee agreed that our core objective must continue to focus on the restoration of decent pay levels for all members and a bold claim is needed.
The Committee also wanted to keep the claim simple and agreed not to recommend the inclusion of any NJC conditions in this pay claim.
Instead members will be consulted about a separate NJC conditions claim at a later date.
Proposed Pay Claim 2020/21
The Committee is proposing the following claim for 2020/21:
10% or £10 per hour, whichever is the greater.

The economic background paper considered by the Committee is attached and highlights: 2020_NJC_pay_claim_consultation_economic_background

 Recruitment and retention problems: affecting 74% of councils
 Inflation: RPI at 2.7% and CPI at 2.1%. RPI to average 3.2% over 2019 and remain over 3% to 2022
 Average earnings: predicted to be 2.5% in 2019 rising to 3.2% by 2023
 Average pay settlements: 2.8% for private sector; 2.7% for public sector
Consultation Timetable
Branches are asked to carry out as wide a consultation as possible on the contents of the proposed claim and your views are important. We must return our results to our Regional Head of Local Government by 5
pm on Friday 31 May 2019. Plymouth in UNISON will discuss the claim at Branch Committee on May 22nd so speak to your rep about your views or e-mail office@unisonplymouth.net
The UNISON NJC Committee will meet on Thursday 6 June 2019 to consider the results of the branch consultation and to agree UNISON’s proposals for the 2020/21 pay claim. GMB
and Unite will also be consulting their members on what they would like to see in the claim. The intention is for the Trade Union Side to agree the claim in late June for immediate
submission to the Local Government Association (LGA)