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Controversial Care provider First Call has finally gone to the wall

Having entered voluntary administration last week they will officially cease to trade on 25th September when Gem Care will take over the bulk of their contracts (Elder Tree will take on the handful of staff working on Social Inclusion) until the next round of commissioning.

Members will remember UNISON was instrumental in resolving a problem of unpaid wages to staff last year and we have immediately responded to similar concerns this week.

In response to UNISON questions the Authority has assured us that they will be providing money to the new providers to cover the period 1-25th September the new providers are already gathering payroll information from First Call to ensure staff receive their pay on October 10th.

All staff will be transferred across to their new employers under TUPE regulations. Please contact the branch if you have any other concerns about what this means for you, but it should guarantee your current terms and conditions for at least the short term