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In a sharp break from previous years Plymouth in UNISON Labour Link is looking to operate as a live body within UNISON and the Labour Party.
Step one on that road is communication with you as members of the UNISON affiliated political fund.
You may remember we consulted you on the Plymouth Moorview PPC selection, and one of our nominations Charlotte Holloway was duly elected. Congratulation Charlotte.

Today I am informing you of some upcoming events of interest to Labour supporters.

Over in Plymouth Sutton and Devonport CLP the good news is that we have an MP and Luke Pollard has so far been supportive of UNISON members concerns in schools, local government and the NHS
The bad news is that we have had some problems with the democratic processes and the AGM that should have taken place last summer is still pending
The meeting will be a delegate meeting, and many branches have selected their delegates already, but if you live in Devonport Ward, Sutton and Mt Gould or Efford and Lipson you should also have an invite to a meeting taking place soon. Please try and attend.
Full members should have had an invite with all the details from the Labour Party to these meetings so if you haven’t check your spam box.
All the ward based local branches are being re-launched so if you have missed the AGM there will be other meetings, so please attend if you can, and make sure yours and UNISON’s voice is heard in the local party.
On the subject of UNISON’s voice in the party, Plymouth in UNISON will be asking all Labour Council candidates to endorse the Labour Councils and Trade Union Agreement 2017 Principles (1)
and as Labour Link Officer I attended a local manifesto consultation day to ask what a change of council control in May could do for us.
Obviously one of the purposes of the Labour Link is to help Labour get elected (which some activists constantly remind us is a prerequisite to delivering any promises made) so to that end we supported NHS in Crisis Labour stall in Stoke Village and the city centre recently.
We are supported a Unions Together canvas in Stoke at 2pm on 10th Feb. and are planning another one soon.
You can contact me on pcc@plymouthinunison.org.uk for more information on any of the above
Kevin Treweeks
Plymouth in UNISON
Labour Link Officer