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An election will be held for regional seats on the union’s Labour Link Committee.

South West region: Candidates: Alison Evans and Aileen Mcloughlin

Only full members and retired members who pay the Labour Link APF levy are eligible to vote in this election.

Members not on the UNISON central membership system on 7 June 2021 will not be eligible to vote in these elections.

Ballot papers will be sent to the member’s home address and online ballot codes will be emailed  to the member’s email address (or any other address they have given in writing) as shown on our membership system. Members will have the option to vote online or by post. The ballot papers will include a prepaid envelope for returning the ballot papers to the scrutineer, and unique security identifiers for returning the vote online.

The despatch of ballot papers to individual members will begin on 7 September 2021. If individual members have not received a paper by 13 September 2021 then they should contact the ballot helpline operated by UNISONdirect on the following telephone number: 0800 0 857 857. The deadline for receipt of ballot papers by the Independent Scrutineer is 5pm on Wednesday 13 October 2021.

Election Statements

Aileen Mcloughlin

The need for union membership, action and strength cannot be under-estimated in the current climate. 

  • workers face unstable contracts, poor conditions and low pay
  • NHS staff are undervalued
  • the pandemic has laid bare inequalities that exist in our society
  • the implications of Brexit for workers are becoming clear
  • many young people have not experienced the strength of collective organisation
  • Climate emergency – we must protects workers futures and ensure a skilled unionised, well-trained workforce

We are faced with a Tory majority in parliament that can pass regressive legislation and does not protect the interests of ordinary people and workers. Electing a Labour government is crucial to a change of direction and giving people hope.

UNISON is a powerful body. We must use our strength and be a loud voice through Labour Link, pushing for clear progressive policies that speak to members needs for a secure prosperous future. 

We must influence and support the Labour Party in:

  • protecting our NHS from privatisation
  • repealing anti-union legislation
  • ending the race to the bottom on worker’s rights
  • democratising the workplace
  • tackling inequality
  • addressing climate change

I have worked in the public sector since 1985, a UNISON Health member since 2014. As a teacher and midwife I was previously a member of the National Union of Teachers and the Royal College of Midwives.  I am a member of Acorn Community Union who do fantastic work protecting renters and campaigning on democratically chosen issues. I have worked as a volunteer throughout the pandemic.

I am an active Labour Party member and Secretary of Bristol South CLP. I was Labour Councillor Candidate in Windmill Hill ward in May 2021. I fought a long hard campaign but lost to the Green Party. I am keen to re-direct my energy to an area where I feel I can have influence.

Alison Evans

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