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At its recent meeting, UNISON’s National Youth and Community Workers Committee discussed the possible contents of the 2018/19 pay claim for employees covered by the Youth and Community Workers Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) – the Pink Book.

The Committee is now asking branches to consult members on the contents of the pay claim. Members’ views will be collated and fed into the JNC Trade Union Side (Unite, UNISON, UCU and NUT) so that a joint pay claim can be prepared and submitted to the Employers in May. The pay settlement date is 1 September 2018.


The Committee agreed the following proposed priorities for the pay claim:

  • A cost of living increase at least matching the rate of RPI inflation. In January 2018 RPI inflation was 4%
  • A guarantee that the lowest pay rate will not be below the Foundation Living Wage. This is currently set at £10.20 in London and £8.75 outside London
  • All apprentices to be paid the rate for the job. Not the statutory minimum wage for apprentices, or some other lower rate set by the employer
  • Joint guidance to be negotiated and produced on where to place and how to use youth work apprenticeships

Since 2010, UNISON members in youth and community services have received a combination of pay freezes and sub-inflation pay increases. This means that the real value of pay has fallen significantly. So while we know that local authorities have had their funding cut, UNISON’s view is that a pay increase for our members is long overdue and urgently needed.

The Youth and Community Workers is also committed to ensuring a fair deal for the growing number of apprentices who are being employed by local authorities, including in youth and community services. Apprentices should be used appropriately and paid according to the jobs that they do.


Further to this consultation exercise we are asking you the following questions;


  1. Do you agree that the 2018/19 claim should be for a pay increase at least matching the rate of RPI inflation, with a guarantee if at least the Foundation Living Wage for everyone?

Yes           No


  1. Do you agree that the claim should demand that apprentices are paid the rate for the job, and that joint guidance be produced on where to place and how to use youth work apprenticeships?

Yes           No



  1. Any Other Comments:



Members should receive a letter or e-mail containing the above information but feel free to download this article and have your say