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Demonstration for a New Normal

June 26

Owing to uncertainty about the lifting of Covid restrictions on the 21st June it has not been possible to secure transport for large numbers of people to go to London that weekend but if a small group would like to arrange their own transport and take the Plymouth in UNISON banner then expenses of up to £50 per person can be paid.

This Government: Corrupt, Negligent, Not Fit For Purpose

After Covid: Demand a New Normal 
National Demonstration, Saturday 26 June 2021
12pm, Portland Place, London WC1 (Tube: Oxford Circus/Great Portland St)

Saturday 26 June will bring together the whole of the progressive movement to relaunch an opposition to this disastrous government. Support is flooding in from unions, campaigns and organisations all over the country who will all be there on the day:

Jeremy Corbyn MP, The Peace And Justice Project:

“On behalf of the Peace and Justice Project, I’m proud to support this demonstration. It makes a simple and crucial point: we cannot go on like this. People deserve decent housing; properly funded schools, hospitals, and public services; fair pay and fulfilling work; and a liveable planet. The pandemic has exposed what happens when health services are run down and government services are outsourced and privatised – placing the interests of the wealthy before the public good. In its place we can, and we will, build a future that works for the many not the few.”

Extinction Rebellion:
“We are in a climate emergency. Without urgent, drastic action we’re heading for the collapse of our society. The end of everything as we know it. We must act now, and we must do so together. This government – and the billionaire press barons who pull their strings – want us divided, because when we’re divided, we’re weak. If we’re going to tackle the climate crisis, and if we’re going to build a fairer, more compassionate society – one that values truth, equality and kindness – we need to stand together. So, Extinction Rebellion will be there on Saturday 26th June, united with other movements to demand a New Normal, and on Sunday we hope you’ll join us oppose the lies, hate and corruption of the media as we free the press.” 

Steve Turner, Unite the Union:
“Unite is proud to back the People’s Assembly national demonstration on Saturday 26 June. This year has exposed the growing inequality in our society, the failures of austerity politics and just how incompetent and corrupt this government is. But it’s also shown that when the political will is there, we can take the homeless off our streets, we can protect workers’ pay and we can look after the sick. We can’t have a return to business as usual after covid and that’s why Unite is encouraging all our members to get out on the streets and get involved in building a movement that demands a new normal, a society based on the needs of the majority.”

National Education Union:
“The Covid crisis has highlighted many faults and inequalities in our society, not least in education where we have seen all to clearly the impact of poverty on children, inadequate levels of funding and an unfair exam system. There will be competing visions about how we rebuild our society after the pandemic. The NEU stands for equality and social justice and we want to see transformative policies in education and elsewhere – there can be no going back to how things were. That’s why we are supporting the People’s Assembly demonstration on June 26th and encourage all NEU members and their families to join us.”

Disabled People Against Cuts: 
“The coronavirus pandemic has had a horrendous impact on disabled people’s lives, six out of ten deaths related to coronavirus were disabled people. The Coronavirus Act has been a way to violate disabled people’s human rights, placing a blanket do not resuscitate on thousands of disabled people’s medical records without their knowledge or consent. The Care Act easements have given local authorities a way to cut social care packages for disabled people at a time when they are needed the most. During the budget of 2021, Rishi Sunak ignored disabled people and refused to increase legacy benefits with the £20 a week uplift; the same level as universal credit. We demand A fully funded social care system free at the point of need. While the universal credit uplift of £20 per week should remain, we must continue to fight to stop and scrap universal credit and replace it with a fair and just social security system. Disabled people are saying enough is enough. Please support the national demonstration on the 26th of June, solidarity.”

NHS Workers Say No:
“NHS Workers Say NO! fully support the People’s Assembly national demonstration on the 26th June. NHS workers have seen first-hand the effects of the government’s dangerous mishandling of the pandemic, it has put immense pressure on an already overwhelmed NHS which has been underfunded for over 10 years.  As with many key workers, NHS workers have been treated appallingly before and during the pandemic, we need to stand together, across the public sectors and in unity to demonstrate our opposition to this government. We believe demonstrating is a human right and oppose the Police Bill. In solidarity, NHS Workers Say NO!”

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament:
“We’re joining the People’s Assembly demonstration on June the 26th to say nurses not nukes. at the height of the pandemic, Boris Johnson announced that he was going to increase the nuclear arsenal by over 40%. At the same time, he said he could only afford to give nurses a 1% pay raise. Clearly the money is there and clearly the government is spending it on the wrong things. So please join us on the demonstration on the peace block to say Nurses Not Nukes.”

Stop the War Coalition:
“This government has brought us savage cuts in services, the ongoing privatisation of the NHS a catastrophic housing crisis and the systemic failure of social care. But for wars and the military, there is always more money. They have ordered more nuclear warheads and boosted the military budget, not for defence but for their fantasy vision of ‘global Britain.’ They have backed Israel in their repression of the Palestinians, the US push to confrontation with China and Russia and sent a multi billion pound armed flotilla half way around the world to prove their commitment to intervening east of Suez once again. Stop the war will be part of the Welfare not warfare, nurses not nukes contingent on the 26 June demo. And we are calling on all our supporters to join us.”

Bakers Union: 
“Our Executive has backed the call to join the People’s Assembly on June 26th it said it’s critical we stand up to this Tory government that seems intent on using this pandemic to remove and erode further our rights to protest and restrict our members ability to take Industrial action. We firmly believe we must end the low road economy and drive-up standards which is why we are demanding an end to job insecurity and zero hours contracts, ending the youth rates and discrimination against young people whose pay is held back not due to skills but their age. And for all workers to be earning a minimum of £15ph. We believe the demonstration on 26th June will make sure we build our movement to unite together and create a fairer society we all deserve.” 

Laura Pidcock, People’s Assembly National Secretary
“This demonstration will be a coming together of the movement in opposition to the government. One united voice against the handling of the pandemic, against the plans they have to place restrictions on the right to protest in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, we will be there to reject further austerity and NHS privatisation. We are there to say that there is a different way, it does not need to be like this. We want good quality jobs, we want a properly funded, fully publicly owned NHS, we want decent housing for all, we want and end to fire and rehire practices and we want massive investment in our communities. We are determined and united as a movement.”

More statements, videos, updates and news will be sent out every week in the run up to the demo. Please do all you can to help make sure the demonstration is as big as possible.

Things you can do:

This Saturday in London we are organising leafleting sessions to help build the demonstration. Can you join us for a couple of hours? Reply to this email if you can and we’ll put you in touch with the organisers. London Leafleting Sessions, Saturday 5 June:

  • North London: Holloway Road, 12pm – 2pm
  • East London: Hackney Central, 12pm – 2pm
  • South London: Brixton, 12:30pm – 2:30pm
  • West London: Shepards Bush, 12pm – 2pm

See you on the 26 June! 

Details to follow

  • Support the Demonstrtation to Demand a New Normal

This Branch Notes:

The UK has one of the worst Covid-19 death rates in the world.

The Legatum Institute found that 700,000 people have been driven into poverty because of the covid crisis.

According to a recent BMA report: “the NHS in England has been forced down a route of increased marketisation and privatisation – and the Government has accelerated its aggressive outsourcing to private firms during the COVID-19 pandemic”.

The ‘Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill’ amongst other things allow police to place conditions on protests as a response to “the noise generated by persons taking part”. And “serious annoyance” or “serious inconvenience” are liable to be imprisoned for up to ten years.

This Branch Believes:

This government’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis has been disastrous and needlessly cost many lives.

The Covid-19 crisis has disproportionately affected disabled people and those from the Black and Asian community.

Corruption is now rife within this Tory government with billions of pounds of public money handed to companies with direct links to government politicians.

A crisis has been created in our NHS through years of underfunding and privatisation, the proposed 1% pay rise to NHS workers is an insult.

The marketisation of our schools is harming our children’s education and high university fees create unacceptable debt for students.

Millions are now in jobs that are underpaid, unsafe and insecure.

The ‘Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill’ is a dangerous attack on our fundamental right to protest

This Branch Resolved:

To support the People’s Assembly ‘Demand A New Normal’ National Demonstration on Saturday 26 June

To put on transport to the national demonstration and publicise the demonstration and its demands to all members



June 26