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Every day, workers across Britain are being threatened with being fired and rehired under worse terms and conditions for basically the same job.

In many other countries, this exploitative practice is already against the law. It’s about time we follow suit to protect workers.

Next Friday, MPs will vote on a bill to end fire and rehire for good. Can you write to your MP and urge them to back this bill in Parliament?

Megaphone has created an easy-to-use tool to email your MP —  it takes just a minute to send.

Thousands of people across the country are affected – in all industries, large and small.

In Weetabix, workers are facing reductions of up to £5,000 a year. Clarks, the high-street retailer, is telling workers they must make bigger pension contributions and lose four days’ holiday a year.

We cannot let rogue bosses get away with giving workers the boot.

That’s why we’re asking you to call on your MP to support the bill put forward by Barry Gardiner MP next week, to outlaw this practice in the UK.

At a time when living standards are being squeezed and families are being hit hard, we cannot let workers down. Will you write to your MP today?

Write to your MP
Your emails and your pressure are the driving force that will encourage MPs to do the right thing by working people.

 Let’s outlaw fire and rehire for good.