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Workers in The FE sector deserve a decent pay rise after years of austerity. Leigh Powell, National Officer for Further Education and Joint Trade Union Side Secretary, said “This pay claim reflects the drastic need for staff in FE, particularly the lowest paid staff, to earn enough for a decent standard of living. Whilst we recognise that college funding is abysmal, we call on Principals to show true leadership by prioritising rewarding their hard-working staff in their spending decisions”.

UNISON Further Education Colleges Pay Implementation Claim

UNISON is committed to national pay bargaining which results in meaningful outcomes that are fully implemented by all colleges.

To this end Plymouth in UNISON is tabling the 2019/20 FE England national pay claim. UNISON expects that this will be the pay rise that is implemented in City College from .

FE Pay claim 2019/2020

Pay: The joint trade union claim to the Association of Colleges for the pay period 2019/20 is for an increase of £1 per hour.

Foundation Living Wage: The joint union pay claim calls for the adoption by FE colleges of the Living Wage Foundation rates which is currently £9.00 (outside London) or £10.55 (in London). UNISON is seeking to open negotiations for the college to become a Foundation living wage accredited employer https://www.livingwage.org.uk/accredited-living-wage-employers

Annual Leave: UNISON recognises that some colleges have been severely financially constrained and will continue to address this through joint campaigning on funding. To this end, colleges should look to find additional ways to reward staff and awarding an extra 5 days per year of annual leave for support staff would be a welcome gesture.

Pay catch up; if any college did not implement previous pay awards in previous years UNISON is seeking to negotiate an increased pay offer as a ‘catch up’ payment that can be consolidated onto the pay spine.