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CSW Group Ltd

In August 2020 Plymouth in Unison posted a briefing to members concerning a redundancy procedure taking place at Careers South West Group Ltd, a careers advice service in Devon and Cornwall owned by a number of local authorities (‘CSW’).

In that post we expressed a number of critical opinions on the nature of the redundancy process at CSW as reported to us by members. We stated, among a number of other things, that CSW had ‘sacked’ loyal staff, ‘abused the need to save money’ and had ‘bullied’ and ‘hounded’ employees ‘without purpose’. Tensions were running high amongst members affected by redundancy at CSW.

Plymouth in UNISON accepts, upon receiving a complaint from CSW, that its managers made no summary terminations of employees as part of the process, did not abuse the need to save money and did not bully or harass workers without purpose as the Article had stated. We are happy to withdraw those statements and set the record straight.

We hope that our goodwill in this regard will contribute to resetting industrial relations at CSW so we can all move towards a constructive solution of the dispute. Plymouth in Unison will continue to scrutinise and hold CSW to account in respect of the employment processes and the ongoing treatment of staff at the company on behalf of our members. The branch also reserves the right to challenge the lawfulness of the dismissals actually made and the adequacy of the consultation process as a whole in a Court or Tribunal, if necessary.