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Following our 5% Pay claim and early campaigning UNISON, GMB and Unite have received a letter from the local government employers outlining a proposed two-year pay deal for council and school support staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The offer covers the two years from 1 April 2018. It would mean a 2% wage rise next April for the majority of council and school support staff currently earning more than £19,430, and a further 2% in April 2019.

The local government employers are also proposing to give lower paid staff a higher wage rise – of up to 16% over the two years.

The proposals also include a revamp of National Joint Council pay scales. The full breakdown can be seen here 24794

The three unions representing local government staff will now put the offer to their respective committees for consideration. Unison’s NJC meets on 23rd January
There will be a formal consultation with electronic balloting after your NJC reps meet but Plymouth in UNISON is anxious to get some early views to feed in to our reps there.
Their decision will be important in shaping the wording and recommendation of the consultative ballot that in turn will likely affect the outcome.
Should we accept this deal to ensure we get out rise in April?
Does the offer over and above the 2% headline affect enough of our lower paid staff?
Are you up for a fight over pay? Inflation is running at 3% and so this is still another net cut!
Do you want options of action short of strike action to be part of a consultation or just a strait forward accept or reject?
Would you like Plymouth in UNISON to pursue rises in other ways by seeking changes to local terms and conditions to bring parts of the Plymouth Book back up to national standards?
All viewpoints between “I’m delighted with this generous offer” and “They must be joking pass me that pitchfork” are welcome
Give us your views
Talk to your local Reps
E-mail us on Office@unisonplymouth.net
Tweet us @plymouthunison
Write on the article on our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1016787905024385/

UNISON head of local government Heather Wakefield said: “Council and school support staff are the lowest paid workers across our public services and are long overdue a wage rise above the 1% cap.

“The government must now come up with the cash to fund local government properly so councils have the money to give their staff a wage increase that doesn’t put more services or jobs at risk.”

They haven’t by the way.

Further details and consultation opportunities will appear here


The Branch Secretary makes his feelings known