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Plymouth in UNISON members do all sorts of caring jobs. One of these is Personal Assistant.

No not the sort the boss may have in your office, but people who help disabled clients lead their lives more fully.

These people’s wages tend to be funded through direct payments. Which means money that the Council has in its social care budget is paid to the client (or more likely a payroll company) who then pay the staff. Quite convoluted really, and what with the added chaos of Covid19 an admin error has occurred that has lead to the annual pay rise  to comply with the minimum wage being processed at £10.64 instead of £8.74. We estimate about 230 people have been affected by this.

Plymouth in UNISON has spoken to Plymouth City Council and they are dealing with it pretty fairly.

Letters have gone out informing people of the error and giving notice that the error will be corrected in the August pay packet. There will be no reclamation of money overpaid from April to June and the higher rate will stand for July due to the requirement to give notice of the change.

Individuals who feel that they may still have been detrimentally affected by this can contact the branch or PCC direct.